Thinkaroo's areas of focus:

  • Executive coaching (especially preparing for key conversations, high stake meetings or presentations)
  • Facilitation of strategy or team building sessions and 'think tanks' 
  • Leadership assessments and tailored programs (including constructing pathways to higher performance of teams)
  • Organisation design and Key Account Management

Playing to Win 

It's not 'what' you do but 'how' you do it that leads to sustainable success

~ Carl C Beuhner





They may

what you

but they will                                     forget the way you         

made them 

Are you a secure base for others?

Are you and your team Playing to Win?

Feedback to Feedforward

“20% of employees are playing to win... the rest are just trying not to lose”

Mindset is such an important factor in the success of individuals and teams. 

How strong is your own self awareness?

How does your style impact on others? 

Where does your attitude go under pressure?

If you would like to "play to Win" more often then read more here. Give Glen a call and let's plan a program

Who are the secure bases in your life?

Glen has experienced the power of secure base Leadership and is an advocate of this philosophy for more on this topic click here

If you attend an program, a think tank or a coaching session with Glen you and your team should be prepared to go though a memorable and perhaps a different experience.

Leave your comfort zone in the office.

Everyone needs to learn, but no one wants to be told they are wrong.

Is there someone in your team/organisation that does not listen to or embrace feedback?

Would you like to hear more about how the 

Feedforward coaching model may provide benefit and put you on a course to becoming a higher performing team? Contact Glen or read some thoughts on the topic here

“The coaching was of tremendous value and gave me a clear ‘roadmap’ on how to structure a presentation and deliver it with maximum impact. I will use the presentation model to develop and deliver future presentations."

About Glen.

Glen has acquired over 25 years of experience within the life sciences sector encompassing Global P & L and brand leadership in addition to local and regional P & L and team leadership responsibilities. Glen's work has seen him work and live in Europe and Asia and in addition he has held roles responsible for LATAM, North America, Middle East and Africa and Russia.

He has worked in Senior Commercial roles and has a track record of successfully building and reigniting business growth through the implementation of new commercial models and by the creating and fostering of strong commercial partnerships. He has led Sales , Marketing, Business Development and Medical organisations of significant size in both numbers of employees and total revenues. He has also been responsible for leading teams and functions post mergers, office close downs, restructures and cost efficiency measures. Glen has had success in setting up functions from scratch and also building a service organisation.

Building high performance cultures and teams, bringing and fostering a growth mindset, leading organisations through massive change initiatives and continually looking to bring innovation to the market, teams and organisations he has led is something Glen is proud of.

A passionate and inspiring speaker and leader, Glen has a special interest in the topics of “Leadership” and “Coaching” and continues to evolve his leadership style to encompass modern techniques and practices. He has demonstrated over numerous roles the ability to achieve a balance between achieving stretch goals with that of building long term and sustainable relationships.

Glen's initial academic studies were at Sydney University in Applied Science, he has also completed post graduate studies in Management and Leadership from MGSM in Sydney and IMD in Switzerland.

"I also really enjoyed your style in which you conducted the coaching……it gave our team a lot of confidence and was provided in a supportive and encouraging manner”

The Influencers:

Peter Meyers
Founder and President of the Stand & Deliver Group, is a communication consultant who has worked with leaders in politics, business, sports and performing arts to achieve greater influence through the spoken word.

“Genuine thanks for your time and knowledge on Monday. I found the session highly beneficial and thoroughly enjoyable. A gift.”


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